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40 year recertification   

What is a Building Recertification?

In accordance with the Miami Dade County Code, Section 8-11 (f),
all buildings, except single-family residences, duplexes and minor
structures (minor structures are defined as any occupancy group
having an occupant load of 10 or less, having a gross area of 2,000
square feet or less) which are forty (40) years or older must be
recertified by the Building Official. The purpose of the inspection is
to minimize structural and electrical building failures and be better
prepared for hurricane winds.

Once a building becomes 40 years old, the Code Compliance Section
of the County or City where the building is located at sends out a
"Notice of Required Inspection" to the Property Owner. From the
date of this notice the property Owner has 90 days to complete the
required inspection. Based on the result of this inspection, the building
will be structurally and electrically recertified for ten (10) years or there will be improvements required for the recertification. If improvements are required, the Property Owner is given a total of 150 days (90+60 added) to complete the required improvements. A follow up report is then submitted by the Engineer stating that these improvements have been made and the building recertified.

Even if the property owner has not yet received a "Notice of Required Inspection" by the code compliance section of county or city, it is the property owner's responsibility to acquire the initial 40 Year Recertification and to recertify their building every 10 years thereafter. Because of this, the inspections must be done by or under the supervision of a qualified Professional Engineer or Architect.

The structural and electrical safety inspection is required in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and recommended for Palm Beach County. For more information on the mandatory inspection, see Re-certification of a 40-year-old Building (Miami-Dade County) and 40-Year Building Inspection Safety Program (Broward County) .

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We cover all aspects of these mandatory inspections:

  1. Structural Recertification
  2. Electrical Recertification
  3. Parking Illumination

Miami-Dade Reporting Forms required:

Notice of Required Recertification of 40 Year Old Buildings PDF

Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines Building Structural Recertification (40/50 year recertification) PDF

Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines Electrical Recertification (40/50 year recertification) PDF